#weekendcoffeeshare: A Weekend of Politics


I do not actually drink coffee. So, were we having a cup of coffee, I would opt for a nice cup of tea. Today’s cup of tea is actually a cup of Fortnum & Mason’s Queen Anne blend of Ceylon and Assam. (I am a bit of a tea person.) It is a bright and sunny but impressively cold day for a southern state (3°C).

Currently, I am curled up on my sofa listening to my enormous backlog of podcasts. I am a big fan of podcasts and I listen to a wide range of them. My favourite political one, other than the BBC’s The Week in Westminster is The Best of the LeftI’ve been listening to them for a while. I’m on episode #985, A conservative policy showcase (Flint’s poisoned water). Obviously, I can only say that this sort of thing is infuriating, and were we having our caffeinated beverages, we’d probably spend a lot of time talking about it. My favourite bit about this podcast is that they have a segment called Activisim, where they tell you about petitions, awareness campaigns and other proposals to help once you’ve been informed and angered.

If we were in France and having coffee, it would be an espresso, and I would be overjoyed (I do love France). I would be gushing about my new favourite news magazine, Les Jours. It is a subscription-based, completely independent and online news source created by a team from Libé, a left-wing newspaper which I also love. I’ve just finished reading a longform article about the collège system in France. Collège is French for middle-school, and it was an amazing look at it. I’m current reading a first-person account about the days after the 13 November attacks. I have found a new love. I would be telling you to subscribe!

Later, I will probably binge-watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I was a huge fan of the show with Jon Stewart, and I love Noah’s very different look at our political system. I also think he’s very cute, superficially. So were we having coffee, I’d probably be repeating a joke poorly or telling you about something I learnt from the show.

And finally tonight, the Republican debate on CBS. Were we having coffee, you would probably ask why I would torture myself. I would tell you that I am really funny on Twitter and that the Republican debates are a source of much horrified amusement.

So, let’s drink on, friends. – SDM

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Photo by Greg (Vanderdecken)


  1. Thanks so much for the cup of tea. I’ve steered clear of politics lately. That’s a pretty standard situation for your average, apathetic Australian.
    The highlight of last week for me was going to Matilda the Musical with my daughter, which was absolutely dazzling and so inspirational for her. She’s small in stature but has such determination. She joined the school band a week ago and arrived at the station lugging a baritone horn half her size. Of course, despite my reduced lung capacity, she’s expected me to play and is giving me lessons. I am intrigued. I’ve always wondered how people take up less conventional instruments and the school band looks like a strong contender.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena


    • Steering clear of politics is the standard situation for your average, apathetic American as well. However, in Australia’s case, at poll time you have to vote, unlike here in America where people are just apathetic right on through to poll time. And re: your daughter’s incongruous instrument choice, I’ve learnt that school bands will just randomly assign students who do not already have an instrument with the less “popular” choices to fill out the sound. Thanks for stopping by! x SDM


  2. After reading your post I am not sure of were you are at politically. It seems your leaning toward left. A long time ago I decided to forgo petitions as I feel they are mean les and actually cost money yhat could better spent on the problem. Recallsare pointless as the next election vote them out of office. I have been environment support all my life.


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