#weekendcoffeeshare: The Politics of Breakfast


It’s Queen Anne again this week for tea except my milk spoilt and I can’t have cereal as I was planning. A little bit of British complaining there, pardon. It’s cool and sunny here.

If we were having breakfast, I would be telling you about my evening out with friends. It was fascinating seeing my co-workers in a different light. Human lives are so unbelievably strange and varied and beautiful.

We would be sitting in my living room having tea, and I would be musing about daily rituals, and how they’re affected by where we live and how we watched the people around us prepare for the day. I feel sometimes out of tune when I cannot perform part of my ritual, like missing milk in my tea. There are things I must do to feel as though I have succeeded in my day.

And were we having tea, I would be talking about privilege; not in any political sense, just the privilege associated with certain things. When something minor in my life goes wrong that is connected with being in a developed nation with high standards of living, I wryly say that is is a first world problem. I know this is inherently problematic, but the saying has become shorthand. My milk having spoilt is definitely a first world problem, but it tilts my day a little.

My Saturday is booked solid, I would confide in you. It is very strange having plans; I’m very much a loner. Were we having tea, it would actually be quite unusual. I don’t generally have people over!

I would be lamenting the upkeep of this blog. This past week has been incredibly busy, even though there has been so much going on politically it has been difficult to keep up. But, it is early days and I still have time to catch up. Small steps, really. I am looking forward to a small break in April to realign myself, and then the sudden rush to summer hols.

Thank you for dropping by, once more, and I’ll see you next week. – SDM

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Photo by Mira DeShazer


  1. I have been faced with an unexpected 1st world problem this week…what to buy my 12 year old son for his birthday tomorrow. Turning 12 is an inbetween birthday where he’s not longer a kid but still enough of a kid to complicate things. We have usually given him Lego for birthdays and Christmas but I felt like giving him something else. Putting a bit more thought into the whole process. We gave him a droid called Ollie for Christmas so we’ve crossed that off. So, this afternoon I was off to Kmart after picking our daughter up from the station but the way the road is set up, I had to backpedal to get there via a group of shops known as Gnostic Corner. I had absolutely no idea what to get him and then I spotted these Himalayan Salt Lamps in the window and they were quite affordable and so much more atmospheric the Lego or electronics. I also found a beautiful thunder egg or geode filled with quartz crystals. I’ve had friend who have travelled and I’ve given them one half of the thunder egg and kept mine. They’re supposed to keep in touch with each other. I just view it as a symbolic thing. Beach towel and some Star Wars books and he’s done. Oh yes and a huge Tomblerone.
    First world problem sorted.
    xx Rowena


  2. It’s funny—those first world, “not so big” problems can add up to be big stressors and can ruin a day or a week pretty quickly—and that can definitely include blog stuff at times. Mostly I find it pretty fun and stress-relieving, but it is also quite a bit of work.

    Hope your day—and weekend—improved!


  3. It is easy to miss small items. They made you feel irritable because we are sure use to them. I now need to depend on someone to get our food each week. She does a good job but I would often remember something as I walk the aisles of store.


  4. Hope your planned Saturday was great and enjoyable. I like your classification of problems and can relate to many problems being problems only in the first world. Having lived in a developing country I know my attitude to many things changed as I realised that some of my attitudes were the result the luxury of first world living allowed me to have. When you are starving life takes on a different meaning. Hope you have a great week. Enjoyed my coffee with you.

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