#weekendcoffeeshare: Abridged


Come, sit. Are you brave enough to try my batch of Lapsang Souchong, which tastes of fire and smoke? No? Well, I’ll enjoy it for you. Drinking it reminds me a bit of Germany actually, but I’m not sure why.  Were we having our Saturday beverage, I would tell you that I had entirely too much sun yesterday and am very glad for our overcast skies.

I am one of the coaches for the Boys’ varsity soccer team (I am also the head coach of the junior varsity team); we won a match in tournament play during penalty kicks, and it was breathtakingly stressful. We have another match today; I hope we do well. One can never tell. It is exhausting, being a coach, but thankfully I have a short season. If you’re not interested in sports talk, I understand. I only know about soccer and tennis, and I am about as un-athletic as it gets. But if this were England, we would definitely be chatting about Euro League and any plans we might have to go to France to watch some matches. I am tempted to go after my trip to Iceland.

There are two more very long weeks until the spring holidays. I don’t have much planned except a small trip with my mother, but I shall be very glad for the time off. After that, it is a straight slide to the end of the year. One gets used to the scholastic rhythm, and if I get a career in anything else, I will definitely have to try for that same rhythm.

Until next time, then. – SDM

picture by condesign

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  1. Thanks for the coffee. We have totally by-passed soccer in our household with my husband and son following Australian Rules Football and my daughter dances. My friend ended up with a son who plays soccer very well and that was the end of her weekends!
    xx Rowena


  2. My sports interest are an American football baseball which starting right with pre-season games. Mostly new players. I no longer can see and hear games so I follow on internet. I do enjoy reading about other sports.


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