#atozchallenge: The A to Zed Reveal!


I have been interested in politics since I was fourteen. I have done some writing on political things that affect me, but I was inspired by my good friend Megan, a published author, to ‘get off [my] ass and do something’. She is an unrelenting task master. It took me a while, but I set up this blog and have written a few posts. I have been inspired, it seems, by this year’s election.

It has already been a long and weird ride! I have been voting since 2004, and whilst I have been a resolutely Democratic voter in a relentlessly red state, I have never seen a weirder American election cycle. Combine that with the tumultuous European Union political sphere, and you can see why this year was a pretty fantastic year to start an international political blog. I hope I can get this off the ground and get a lot of eyeballs, so I can do fun stuff like start a vlog and/or maybe one day do some actual political reporting.

So as you can probably guess, my A to Z challenge theme shall be: A PASSPORT TO GLOBAL POLITICS. What this means is that each post will obviously be about global political issues that I find important/that have affected me personally or that I feel inspired by. I have taken tiny liberties with the ‘a to zed’ concept, but I’ve italicised the words that match the day’s alphabet.

Here are the topics I will be writing on. I will link them here as they are posted.

A: L’ancien régime
B: Books (about politics) I’ve Always Loved
C: Capitalism Has Failed
D: The American Dystopia
E: Educating without Moralising
F: Am I a Fellow Traveller?
G: Government is not a Curse Word
H: Ain’t I a Human, Too?
I: Injustice, the American Way
J: Justice vs Equality
K: The American Kleptocracy
L: Liberté, égalité, fraternité
M: The Moral Relativism of a Global Citizen
N: And the Nominees Are…
O: The American Oligarchy
P: Politics in the Classroom
Q: Question Time with the Prime Minister
R: Something Rotten in these United States
S: State of the (European) Union
T: Tout et rien: A September 11th Story
V: Vote of No Confidence
W: Winner Takes All
X: Xenophobia – What it Looks Like Around the World
Y: Youth in Action
Z: The American Zeitgeist

My regular posts such as my weekly read and the weekend coffee share will be updated on their regular schedules as well. And of course, I will offer my insights on the big political stories going on at the time. April is looking to be a busy month!

If you’re still interested in signing up, sign-ups will be open until the 4th of April! Please do join our merry band. – SDM




  1. Hey SD – lovely introduction. I daresay we may have very different takes on some of those posts, but that’s the joy of freedom isn’t it? I look forward to reading along. Good luck with the challenge.


  2. This sounds really interesting, I love reading people’s opinions on the various political issues! Good luck with the challenge 🙂


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