#weekendcoffeeshare: Countdown


I am exhausted this morning, and this tea has never been better. It’s Queen Anne, as always, but only because I’m very much looking forward to finishing my tin and moving on to Wedding Breakfast. I am a stickler for tradition, and on Saturday and Sunday I drink the tea at my tea station to completion. So if were were having coffee/tea, we’d be having Queen Anne and probably some French Roast that I hurriedly bought from Whole Foods.

There are 25 days left of school. My students all know this countdown, as do I. We are all breathless. The days are filled with state-mandated testing and final exams. My senior students are all ready for prom and graduation, and I am ready to explode. Soccer season ended on a win, however, and now I have whole wodges of time to myself. It’s wonderful. If we were having our beverages, I would ask you if you were counting down to anything, and what you are looking forward to?

We have a few more letters left of the A to Zed challenge, in which I am participating. I have been keeping up with quite a few blogs, and I have learnt many amazing things. I am not sure that my blog fits in very well with this challenge (it is not a writing or lifestyle blog) but I have gotten some comments and some interest, so there is that. I would ask if you were participating, and if you’re struggling or if you pre-wrote everything and are coasting easy.

Politically, my students and I enjoyed watching Prime Minister’s Questions from the 13th of April, which brought up so many questions about British culture, life and government. I find myself becoming homesick for a country that is not necessarily mine, but I’ve adopted. If we were having coffee (or tea, of course), we’d be talking about what life means for different cultures.

I hope you are doing well. Until next time! – SDM

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  1. Oh here the Easter holidays just started, that means two weeks of less work as most of my students are on holidays (maybe I’ll have some new ones holidays are great for that too).
    I am sort of counting down to the bac study time as it hopefully will translate to more business.
    Don’t worry about not fitting in with the A to Z challenge, there is no specific blog type to have I think.
    Enjoy your Subday!

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  2. My son is a senior so he graduates June 11th. I can’t wait. Then I get to travel. I am going to go to Oregon to pan for gold. Go to the beach. Drive to Florida and see Harry Potter world at Universal.

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  3. I’m mostly caught up with my A to Z entries, but I haven’t gotten around to reading nearly as many others as I’d have liked to this challenge. Alas!

    And I know that end-of-the-year dance pretty well. Hope all goes well—-not long now!


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