#atozchallenge: The American Oligarchy


Euphemisms are the bastions of politics. So when political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page published their study in the Princeton University Press about oligarchy within the American politics*, they certainly don’t call it an oligarchy. They use economic elite domination. Which is exactly what an oligarchy is.

Oligarchy and kleptocracy (see my previous post on kleptocracy) are parasitic and vicious cycles: government hands its largesse to a select number of businesses, and those businesses then turn around and pressure or pay off government to get preferential treatment.

Only the largest and most egregious law-breakers are ever brought to media attention: AT&T, Comcast and in 2008, Lehman Brothers and its ilk. America is held hostage by the greed of these companies: there are de-facto monopolies in every industry and our regulatory agencies cannot stop them.

Before we point fingers and accuse our international compatriots of letting business, greed and graft control the political class, let us take a look at our long history of allowing the same in America, in the name of innovation.


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