#atozchallenge: The American Zeitgeist


So what influence then, shall America have on the future of the Earth? How will America’s past determine the path it takes?

One of my favourite essays in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them by AL Franken describes the love he has for America as an “adult” love, whereas some people have a “child-like” love. The adult version is taking the bad with the good, and focussing on bettering America, whilst the child version is insisting that America could do no wrong and how dare one criticise our lovely nation.

As we stand at the beginning of a new election season, where so much is at stake, how should we process the last eight years under an historic presidency? I feel as though President Obama has tried his hardest with the recalcitrant children [aka Congress] in his charge. I won’t pretend that some of his broken promises don’t disappoint me, but I am sure we would be in a much worse place with our other choices. Will this election prove the same? Or will Trump destroy the fragile ecosystem that has been built after President George W Bush’s disastrous time in office? Will Clinton prove as moderate as her husband, overly considerate with conciliatory gestures towards a mean-spirited Republican base?

This election cycle has been the most exciting since 2008. We Americans have an extraordinary chance to create a new country, or engulf it in nationalistic uber-capitalism. It has never been more important to stay informed and ready to vote. I wish us luck.


Thank you for following me this far! All the posts from this year’s A to Z challenge can be found here.

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  1. Hi SD,

    I came over today for your #weekendcoffee post and realized you had done the A to Z also as I had done. I totally am on board with this post! We ARE on a precipice with our US election this year. In all my life as an American, I’ve never seen it where the primaries mattered as much as they do this year. I SO WANT BERNIE!!! He is such a breath of fresh air! And I love love love how he has not taken any super pacs and that he has been a solid steady guy this whole time. That is so rare in politics! (At least of what we hear about!)

    I used to teach elementary school in England. I am US born and returned to the US after a couple of years of teaching. I also taught in a floating sub position! We have a lot in common. Good luck with your teaching stuff!

    My blog is http://www.taotechingdaily.com. I also did the A to Z with mixed results. I loved DOING it, but I was so busy writing that I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to connect with others. It was my own fault – I didn’t write the posts ahead of time like a lot of people did. Plus, it was my first year and I really don’t know anyone. My theme was Nature.

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    • Thanks for dropping in! I appreciate your efforts. And my floating is actually full time, haha. I’m the French teacher at my high school; there’s just not enough room for little old me.


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