#weekendcoffeeshare: The Return


It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. I feel enormously guilty. I feel as though I haven’t had friends over since April, and here we are. I would be shoving delicious treats your way, asking if you needed anything else. I’m still drinking my Wedding Breakfast tea; 250g makes a lot of cups of tea.

So, how have you been? I should give my excuses, but it’s been a mix of depression, lack of motivation and actually a very busy summer. I went to Iceland! I started my second year at the high school at which I currently teach (I finally have a classroom). And I watched the world of politics unfold.

First off, Brexit. What a miserable outcome for this. I’m anxious to see how it will play out. Theresa May as been handed a messy, uncertain mix of things that she must turn out to satisfy the Exit voters, but not alienate the Remainers. Though, honestly, what does she care about the Remainers? They’re probably all Eurotrash™ anyway. (Those last lines were sarcasm, by the way, in case it doesn’t read well through the screen.)

The US elections are just not at all in any shape to be commentated on, and yet, here we are, a little over 8 weeks until the elections, commentating. The era of False Equivalency must end: Hillary Clinton is in no way as bad as Trump, and the fact that her email ‘scandal’ is as bad as anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Trump is unfit to be president, and it is disheartening that there is any fight between Clinton and Trump.

I have been itching to write, and I shall go back to my weekly Friday reads and these Weekend Coffee Shares, and I am pleased to be back. So hello again, and my door is open again. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you! – SDM

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  1. Welcome back to Weekend Coffee Share! I am playing catch up with blogging, myself. It seems that just when I feel that I will have time for blogging, something else pops up to take my time!

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  2. I am disappointed that my husband, a staunch lifetime Republican, seemingly hates Ms Clinton (the spelling of whose first name I always forget). My best hope, for his sake, is that he simply decides not to vote. I live in a Red state where neither of our votes will make a difference in terms of the electoral college. As a member of the Green Party…I believe that I would vote for Clinton, even though I cannot understand she would want to be president. Got to be out of a sense of duty.


  3. It is very tempting to crawl back into your cocoon politically speaking these days. Switch off. Turn off!…especially when the US election is running FOREVER and quite frankly, I want it over and done with as long as Trump doesn’t get in.
    However, it’s when you get these desires to withdraw and retreat, that you actually need to step out and fight.
    If Trump is elected US President, then the international community needs to limit his global influence.
    My husband reckons we should have the right to vote for the US President because it effects the world, not just the US and I agree.
    I think there’s always been the presumption that the US stood for democracy and good values and this is now quite questionable…especially given the amount of gun voilence and the amount of money it takes to be President. That’s not democracy. Not in my book, anyway.
    There a bit of Sunday morning food for thought.
    xx Rowena


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