A Timeline


The Peace Corps has radically changed its application process in the past few years, which has been quite helpful and allowed people who may have been reluctant to apply that extra motivation. That being said, it still takes a while to hear back and to get the clearance once you’ve been invited! An invitation does not mean you are automatically in the Peace Corps. I do not know how competitive it is, though.

Here is my timeline for the process. Remember that every timeline is different!

1 September 2018: Completed application.

28 September 2018: Under consideration.

29 January 2019: Invited to interview.

4 February 2019: Interview.

6 March 2019: Invitation to Republic of North Macedonia!

11 March 2019: Sent off fingerprints (my local police station did mine for free).

20 March 2019: Sent off passport application.

March/April 2019: Did all the medical tasks, etc

22 April 2019: Passport issued.

29 May 2019: Legal clearance granted.

June 2019: Dental work completed.

25 June 2019: Completed tasks for pre-service: resumé, aspiration statement and new ID photo.

26 June 2019: Dental clearance granted.

27 June 2019: Medical clearance granted (after confirmation of medications).

There have been online modules to complete and informational Skype sessions. My official departure date is 21 September 2019.