#atozchallenge: Am I a Fellow Traveller?


I was given the Communist Manifesto as a gift from a friend. I’ve read it a few times, trying to reconcile what I’ve read with what we are taught to believe about Communism, the big red evil. Many people have suffered under what have been termed communist regimes, and mostly they are so far removed from what I’ve read and studied.

Of course, everything works as a theory. Trying to control a population or create a society by force will not work. Choosing what “flavour” of communism works well is one thing–the Communist party in China looked quite different from the Communist party in Cuba, but forcing a population to one ideal is usually a bad plan.

So what should Communism look like? Could there be a perfectly functioning communist system, or are humans too selfish, too engineered by our current capitalist system? What would communism look like, after we all receive a basic income and choose how to live our life?

On a personal note, my idea of a well-run communist society is everything I’ve read about Swedish kollektivhusor cooperative housing. I’m not an expert on it, but it sounds like an absolute dream.

The term fellow traveller is often considered a negative–sometimes it was used to accuse someone of being a Nazi sympathiser. I am obviously not one, but I feel as if I have much more to learn before I can consider myself a card-carrying anything.


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Photo by Anil Ozturk