It is always very difficult to begin from the beginning. One is always hoping to just hop into this blogging thing in the middle, when there are comments and readers and things like that.

So I’ve decided to do this A to Zed challenge. I’ve added people to my reading list so that I can furiously comment. It is up to me to figure out if the themes can carry me over for the entire month of April (which includes the blessed Spring Break).

Obviously, 2016 is a pretty advantageous time to start a blog about politics, especially living in America as I am. I hope the title tells you that I am also going to be looking outside this weird country to a more international scope, of political matters both great and small.

Thank you for joining me. Let us have a good discussion.  -SDM

NB: I’ll have a better introductory post later; I’m no good at talking about myself, though.