A Note on the House Style


Though this is a personal project of mine, I must learn to be internally consistent. I therefore offer these notes on how my posts will be structured.

  • I will use British spelling and grammar conventions. That includes the British u; the s and zed switching; the single quotes; the lack of the Oxford comma. For more, please consult the indomitable Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss. I am my own editor, and I will try to catch spelling and grammar mistakes. I regret any errors I don’t catch.
  • I will not use ISIS or ISIL unless I am quoting. I will use Daesh (or the French spelling ‘Daech’). I do not recognise these terrorists as a state, and will not use their self-designated English name.
  • I will endeavour to use public domain or free images when available, and attribute those. This is something I wish would happen more often. Pictures I use do not necessarily mean the photographers/artists endorse or share my ideas.
  • I will not delete comments (unless they are spam) but I won’t reply to those that are abusive.
  • If I must do more to a post than edit simple errors, I will make a note of that.

As I write more entries, I will add more to the style list. – SDM

Marine map and Description of the Northern Lands and of their Marvels, most carefully drawn up at Venice in the year 1539 through the generous assistance of the Most Honourable Lord Hieronymo Quirino.